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Personally it costs me over $1,500.00 a year to maintain those projects the CDD has done,  now add the $312.00 yearly dues i pay this HOA……  You know the projects i refer  too, they are the ones that you and the rest of the HOA Board took wrongful credit   for on the website and letter you sent out on all the home owners dime……What i am saying HOA Board is that you flat out lied to all the home owners when you said that these projects were done at no cost to us the home owner because we must now maintain them ………


When that bond was floated we were all told that when it was payed off our taxes would be lowered.  The CDD got Targets department store  to give up $900,000,00 dollars and approximately $300,000.00  has been spent which leaves $600,000.00 left as i have been informed….Why don’t you people on the HOA Board/CDD Board put a hold on your projects and invest that $600,000.00 dollars in an interest bearing account and use that money to  maintain  the projects you already developed and give the home homers back their money and reduce their taxes…….You people without consulting us homeowners are spending our money without our okay and knowledge just because the law permits you too by virtue of your position, and if you aren’t going to do the right thing  then we must replace you…..It is important for the homeowners to know that the Board Members that control our HOA  Board  also control the CDD Board………


This economic state has put a heavy burden on the folks here, some have lost their jobs, others have lost their homes and yet others are being foreclosed on while many more are being harassed by Benchmark and the Attorney’s……You people are supposed to look out for the folks, not take the attitude of ” if you don’t like it move out”.   Thats our money, not yours….

my name is Howard Kahn 



1. B Watson - February 7, 2012

OPEN LETTER TO Turtle Run Homeowners

Hi Everyone, I know our good neighbor Howard has written an open letter to the HOA board but this letter is an open letter to someone more important – YOU – This is to the homeowners of Turtle Run.

My name is B. Watson but most folks call me by my last name Watson. I have been here since the beginning of the shenanigans started to occur. Most of us, never wanted the look alike mail boxes, or even a home owners association to begin with. This was never part of the deal when we moved here. This was pushed upon us, by an individual or two and tricked upon us early settlers.

Since we are stuck currently with an association, all we can do at this point is switch out the board who has been in place for way too long. We have neighbors who will take the reigns over and do a much better job than the criminals on the board. Why do you ask that I call them criminals? Well any time you go into another individual’s yard and steal personal property then this is a criminal. This is what happens to us four years ago by two of the current board members. The board members entered private residences yards at night when they thought they would not be caught. They proceeded to steal political signs out of yards whom they disagreed with. This was not about who you like or don’t like, the bottom line is they stole from us. This alone is an offence that should have had us kick them off the board at that time. How this was not acted upon by us as owners of the area, is beyond my comprehension?

The newest twist to these individuals are the 2-3 FAKE letters they left/planted in my mailbox the last few weeks. I am not sure if the board members are the brightest individuals but they got caught by my house cam placing these in my box and it is clear from what they put in the letter that one or more of them are desperate to what to stay on a “volunteer” board from some hidden reason. It’s not to keep the community up for sure because both the new board members and our City code enforcers will do that anyway.
This brings me to my newest concern and it should be all of yours as well. The “other Turtle Run board (TRDD) which so happens to be the same members are about to waste thousands of our money on a un necessary circle turn around and fountain in front of the park. If any turn around is needed it would go in the area by Pet smart , this is where there are accidents daily. This shows me the board is looking for looks rather then real traffic solutions. Maybe it’s time to RECALL the board?

This money of ours is taken out of our taxes in the form of over 1100 dollars a year. A fountain will need years of maintenance including the obsession someone has of placing pavers as streets? I don’t know about you but since we are stuck with a number of maintenance items already, we don’t need more. I won’t my taxes lowered and the only way to do this is to stop frivolous projects like this one, remove the current board and hopefully we can keep a little more money in our pockets for our family.
I didn’t move to Turtle Run in 1998 to live in Disney World. Every homeowner needs to step up and understand that you are paying for these projects not the City of Coral Springs. We have an opportunity to fix this mess and lower our fees from over $1500 a year to maybe as low as $800 if we all work together.

2. turlerun - February 7, 2012


Homeowner Board member is crazy!

Today I received another fake letter from a Homeowner Board member. Does this lowly person THINK they are smart? They are actually
Dumb to think these scare tactics and spreading false lies about homeowners like you and I. My husband and I are part of the 100 percent of the
other homeowners that want these board members to step down immediately.
Does anyone with a brain think that homeowners here don’t know what has been going on for over ten years here in Turtle Run?
This desperate Homeowner Board member must think that we walk around with blinders on?

This desperate Homeowner Board member THINKS people won’t take care of their homes or houses without them? Are they kidding or mentally ill?
This desperate Homeowner Board member wants you to think that a small portion of Homeowners want the board out due to being disgruntled? Hardly!
The reality is that the board is corrupt, there is evidence, they stole from us money and personal property. and they THINK they can continue to
abuse the “power” of being on the board to do what ever they want without cause or any legal backing. They harass homeowners without knowing what
the homeowners want, not what they want.
This desperate Homeowner Board member wants you to think without them, you can paint your house what ever you want or your neighborhood will turn bad?

The truth is the CITY of Coral Springs over see’s all paint selection in the City and no one can paint there house a color
offensive to a community. This is true for your grass, tree’s and car’s on block’s. All are covered with a simple call to City Hall.
this is what the Homeowner Board members do to report you as well. They contact BenchMark managmentt properties or the City of Coral Springs
So as you see, there is some kind of MONEY driven reason these people won’t step down from the board. It’s in all of our best interests
to stop these desperate people. I know alot of us have met with each others neighbors and no one wants the current board
any longer. If you look up Homeowners memberships, you will see that it is recommended by the national Homeowners society that no board member continue
to be on a board longer then three years due to the infiltration of corruption. This is what has happened here, and my husband,
and three sons and neighbors are not going to put up with it any longer.

Annita Carlinda

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